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11 August 2016

The San Salvador Sails By ...

Sailing by today was a sailboat like no other: the San Salvador, a replica of Juan Rodriguiz Cabrillo's vessel that arrived in San Diego in 1542. Whenever we drove past the airport, we enjoyed watching its progress under the hands of many expert volunteers. Now, it's fun to see one of these "Tall Ships" being treasured and sailed.
Let's celebrate the drive and energy of these volunteers as they recreate and enjoy the legend of the historic San Salvador.

The San Salvador replica passing our house; after watching its progress in construction, it's fun to see it under sail.
 A better photo, from the website:
Ahoy, San Salvador. Many of San Diego's scenic sites, streets and tourist attractions are named after Cabrillo.
"The San Salvador, under the command of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, arrived at the port we now call San Diego on September 28, 1542, before proceeding further north in search of new trade routes that would link Mexico to Asia and Europe. She was the first recorded European vessel to sail along Southern California, and survey its coastline. Her expeditionaries established a generally friendly first contact with the indigenous peoples of that coast. The San Salvador must be considered the founding ship of San Diego and of the State of California. As such she functions as an 'origin symbol' ship for San Diego in much the same way as the Mayflower is the origin symbol ship of New England. Her story represents the beginning of a common heritage for the peoples of California, both past and present."
from the website, linked here :
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Have any of you ever sailed on a historic vessel?
Comments welcome ... I so enjoy hearing from you.

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