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29 February 2016


Azalea Card for a Baby Shower

I wasn't feeling well enough to head over to Heidi's shower. By all reports from my beloved Brownie Troop friends, it was a wonderful event. (The Brownie Troop is my small group, or "Bee," of fellow quilt makers, and when it's our turn to host, we're entrusted to make brownies  -- plus often times lovely fruit bowls, soups and other healthy treats when we're up for it.) In short, when I mention my Brownie Troop, please don't picture me with a bunch of eight-year-old kiddoes stringing beads and/or singing Kumbyaa.

Heidi, Jane's daughter, is expecting her first child, and here's a card for her, filled with love.
Heidi, about to be a new mother, has traveled all over the world working in places like Africa and Central America in non-profits, helping people. Now she's settled in the Bay Area. Although she will be a single Mom, by choice, she'll be near her sister. I admire her courage. If I'd been fortunate to have a baby, my home would be lined with shelves of scrapbooks or altered-art canvases documenting every little burp or step. Alas, it was not to be in my or Andy's lifetime, but nonetheless, we've created more than a few cards and pages of our great dreams and adventures.

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