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04 August 2015

Oh Happy Day!

We found a big box in front of our patio gate today!
We finally received Andy's author copies of Windows 10 for Dummies. Oh, frabjous day!

We saw the UPS delivery as we pulled into the driveway, with two cats in our hatchback area. I'd thought Chevy seemed a bit thin, and we decided to take both Chevy and Lotus into the vet. Each of the kitties recieved a mani-pedi (lol), an application of Frontline flea control goo, a full exam, an anal sac expressing for Lotus, two blood tests for Chevy ... basically, da woiks! It turns out lil' Chevron had lost a pound, but we weren't able to pin down the time period, so the vet felt it was no biggie (four years since our last visit).

The Bad News: Chevy has a heart murmur, which could be serious -- or nothing to worry about. (Our vet is the worst communicator in the world!, but his techs are great.) Anyways, the blood work will tell us more ... please, friends, if you see this, send up a little bit of healing thought or prayer for Chevy ... possibly the sweetest-natured kitty in the world.

The Good News: Congratulations to Andy! Your months of hard work (despite none, growing into little, and then sporadic, news from Microsoft during the writing process) have paid off in a great book, helpful to millions of folks, I hope.