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27 September 2012

One More Round and It's Done!

Having chosen my Storm at Sea quilt "Morning After the Storm" for my UFO Sunday project to finish, I have now finished quilting the "sea grass" strands onto the large blue diamonds, plus all the loopies connecting the diamonds. Whew! I'd forgotten that, despite even the best encouragement, machine free-motion quilting a larger quilt on a home sewing machine is WORK!
Morning After the Storm, 53.5" by 46.5" ... almost done!
None of you gentle readers were forthcoming with suggestions on how to quilt the pinkish-yellow angled patches surrounding the large blue/purple/greenish diamonds.
Now, a bigger question: Should I even bother quilting them at all?

Reasons against quilting them:
1.) I have stitched in the ditch both horizontally and vertically on this quilt, so the yellow patches are stiched on their outer boundaries.
2.) They're pretty small, as you can see by the sewing machine bobbin sitting next to the purple diamond, bottom center.
3.) I still don't know what design I'd use.
4.) This quilt's getting a bit "busy."
5.) It would mean dragging the entire quilt through my sewing machine again; lots more work.

Reasons for quilting them:
1.) I'd get to use the beautiful variegated King Tut thread, by Superior Threads, shown center right.
2.) I'm having fun quilting this again, finally!

Please weigh in with your ideas on whether I should quilt the yellow-y/pinkish areas. Leave a comment here (preferred, so all readers can enjoy your comment) ... or simply email me at

I'm also going to post my question on Leah Day's "Question Thursday" page, part of her Free Motion Quilt Along Project. And, if you should find yourself stuck with a question or problem on free-motion quilting, do leave Leah a question. She's quite experienced, and very generous in helping us "mere mortals" get a handle on this process!

Have a great day!