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17 September 2012

UFO Sunday: Vanquishing the Monster in the Closet ...

I didn't get much done last week on Morning After the Storm, but I found the threads I had been using, and I'm all set up now to get to work.
Finishing "sea grass" quilting on large diamonds; loopy coral shapes (okay, loops!) on the small blocks' backgrounds.
Previously, I'd figured out how to treat all the large, long diamonds as a circle, in groups of four, to avoid stopping, tying off the threads, and moving to a different area to quilt. So, if you look at the photo above, start at the green backing on the Conch shell small block, bottom left, and move up to the blue diamond above it. I'm quilting long, sea-grassy lines up and down through half the diamond, ending at the top, then moving on to the bluish backing for the spiral shell, top left. My next move would be to quilt the whole diamond, back and forth, that's above the Mysterious Sea Flower center block. Then back down through the unquilted half of the large blue diamond, center left. And on to make a new 'circle' to the left of it all. Clear as Mud? :)

My final quilting job is to figure out a nice filler design to quilt the remainder: the pale yellow/peach backgrounds surrounding the large dark diamonds. As I have no idea what to do on this perhaps too busy quilt, I would really welcome your ideas and input.
Excuse the peachy glow; shot photo at night with no flash. The backgrounds of the large diamonds need quilting ideas!
Thanks to the quilting community for always being there. And I'd like to shout out a special thanks to Leah Day of the Free Motion Quilting Project, for providing yet another great service to quilters everywhere: UFO Sundays. Finally, let's enjoy today, whatever it may hold. And don't forget to comment and share what you're working on!