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13 February 2012

Christmas in February

A new home for books, fabrics and threads from a friend who is downsizing.
Yesterday turned out to be a day of goodies ... but with no calories! Sue and I met at noon at a friend's house. Our friend has moved into a smaller place, so her daughter was selling her quilting/fiber arts stuff to prepare the bigger house for rental. Our friend had taken many of the same local fiber arts/quilting workshops with us, so it was like old-home week, with hand-dyed threads from Ellen Anne Eddy and hand-dyed fabric from Hollis Chatelaine. Sue meandered quietly into a back room, and came across tons of Mickey Lawler's hand-painted "Skydyes" fabric. Lucky Sue!

The books, some of which I've always wanted, were free. These included many of the small but pricey Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn booklets from Great Britain, covering surface design and embroidery but on a cutting-edge level. At 24 pages, they normally sell for $20.95 -- no Amazon discount here -- an extravagance I never allowed myself. Lucky me -- eight of them for free!

In the photo above, you can see that our friend marked her books well with so many sticky notes upon notes they look like bristling, neon hedgehogs. It will take me a while to process these notes and remove them. But, through them, I'm getting to know our friend a lot better.
I was happy to come upon our friend's hand-dyed fabrics, packaged into related colorways.
Our friend, despite some serious physical challenges, was a talented and prolific hand-dyer. Although I also dye fabric and was recently given tons of new Procion MX dye powders and supplies (Thanks, Ruth!) ... I wanted to buy at least a few yards of our friend's work because a) it's awesome, and b) to remember her by. These related assortments came to $.50 a bag, containing a few yards each. Wow!
Mandelbrots, anyone?
Perhaps the most unique items I picked up were these "Cyber Fiber" pieces. Computer printed on lovely silk crepe, they depict fractal images. The one on the very right will make great bird plumage, don't you think?
But Wait: There's More!
When I returned home to my husband Andy, who had suggested I take a wheel-barrow for all the fabric I'd be buying (nice guy, I know) ... he surprised me with some goodies from his Dad's vintage electronics stash.
Can't Resist the Resistors
I picked out a few resistors, some cool knobs, diodes, washers and some ultra cool vacuum tubes. I'm not quite into Steampunk, but these might perk up an altered book or even a quilt.
This Analog Needle Gauge Measures Stuff
Andy was praying that I wouldn't claim the whole carload. He had promised our friend Ariane, who builds art assemblages, that she could help herself. I showed restraint, however. Besides the small stuff, I only asked for this cool aluminum box, complete with a latch (far right). The gauge is very sensitive. Where it will end up in my world of art is any one's guess.

Happy collecting and creating to you!