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14 November 2012

Scrappy Ends Scarf

I found myself with a bin overflowing with skinny strips, above.
I took some water-soluble stablizer, placed as many strips as it would hold, and free-motion stitched them down. Wetting it all to wash out the stabilizer was easier than I thought.
This project was inspired by a scarf I saw on Leah Day's website. Have fun!


Queenie Believe said...

A very fun scarf indeed, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Unknown said...

Isn't that a super fun, super easy project?! What a way to make something out of scraps we would normally chuck in the trash!

Tina Rathbone said...

Queenie, thanks for the props!
Leah, thanks -- as always -- for being an inspiration. One thing that made it easier to work with such skinny, unruly strips was to use the water soluble stabilizer by Pellon that's more like interfacing or fabric. Then I sprayed it with Sulky 2000 Temp. Adhesive. Then I placed strips, sandwiched with the more filmy w.soluble stabilizer on top, and stitched. You should have a tute on your site and sell the two stabilizers, as well as the Sulky Temp. Adhesive. It's non-harmful and stuff. Hugs,

Bohemian said...

I'm Loving this Scrappy Scarf, so very Boheme'! As a Fabric Artist I never like to waste any of my Fav Vintage Fabrics and this would make a great Project for the scraps left behind from other Creations!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian