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12 September 2012

Zapping Those Pesky UFOs

One of my favorite websites, The Free-Motion Quilting Project, has started a new program. Leah Day, the genius behind the site, has decided to host a UFO Sundays program, where people log in with the UFO (Unfinished Fiber Object) they have sitting around and want to finish up in order to move on. You can ask for help with ideas for finishing, or just sort of record your "promise" to get the UFO out of the closet or from under the pile, and onto your worktable or sewing machine bed. Leah keeps a very open project, saying "This isn't limited to just quilting either!  You can link up any unfinished project from knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, beadwork, or any other hobby or craft you have." So, guys who might be doing projects other than fiber arts, say, that old woodworking project languishing in the shed: Come aboard!
Morning After the Storm wants completion!
I'm pledging to finish my version of a Storm at Sea quilt, an ancient pattern that gets its name from the way that the diamonds and squares, even though straight lined, seem to evoke circles. Squint.
This one I'm calling Morning After the Storm, for the lovely sunrise background of peaches, yellows and pinks.

I created stencils of imaginary sea creatures and then used a faux trapunto, or stuffed, technique devised by Hari Walner.

Clam shell from the Depths of the Sea
Close-up of Sand Dollar

Mysterious Sea Flower
All I have left to do is the dark diamonds and light diamond surrounds, seen best on the top photo. Then I will wash the quilt, which will "erase" the white threads you eagle-eyed readers might have spotted. That's water-soluble thread, part of the Hari Walner easy-trapunto method.

Was I having such a hard time with the project and just quit out of frustration? Not really. But another, more urgent project seemed to rear its head between the time I set this down and now. Maybe I'll blog more about that one!

My very contemporary home. I'm lucky here, because if it were Craftsman or Victorian, it would be stuffed to the rafters with antiques and all sorts of stuff. The quilt on the wall: Salmon Flash, by Nelda Warkentin.
Giving it some thought, actually, perhaps deep inside I am a bit apprehensive that this quilt is too "traditional" looking for my very contemporary home. Dumb, huh? I love this quilt and will find a great place to hang it. Just, maybe not here over the couch. :)

Wish me luck in sticking to my pledge, and best of luck in finishing some of your "back burner" projects, in what ever media they may be! When you have a moment, leave a comment telling about some of your favorite UFO stories! I know you have at least one ...
Tina in San Diego


B said...

Stunning quilt and great colours. I actually think it looks very modern because of the colour choices and wouldn't hesitate to hang it in your lovely minimalist room.

What are your plans for the diamonds and the surrounds?

Venus de Hilo said...

Wow, wish my livingroom were as tidy as yours; it's a great backdrop for a special quilt, and your Storm at Sea will look great there. Love your quilted sea creatures, so worth finishing this one.

(I have so many UFOs I am afraid to count them, and too many current projects to even look at the UFO stash for at least another month.)

straythreads said...

gorgeous quilt and quilting

Tina Rathbone said...

Hey B.,
I'm on your blog (Mariner's Compass) right now and am enjoying your UFO post. For the Diamonds, I'm doing a series of lengthwise, curvy lines in variegated threads. Not sure, for the diamonds' surrounds. Each of the small diamonds has a custom shell embroidered in Neon Pink, with loopy stippling around those.
Ah, you are clever. You got me to take the quilt out of the pile and touch it and look at it. Hmmm. :)

Tina Rathbone said...

Heya Venus!
I have to confess I haven't visited your blog in awhile: I do love your work and am so glad you're getting around to reading some blogs.

Well, if I lived in Hawaii, I'd give a hang about a tidy living room!

And if you have UFO issues, do try and join Leah's UFO project. Her 365 Quilt Patterns are awesome, too.

Quilter said...

I love your Morning After the Storm. The sea creatures are great.