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11 August 2011

This Week on my Design Wall

We've slowed down the bird watching just a bit. At one point we were going out twice a day! And look what we saw on a morning when we met some very dedicated birders:
This guy has a swell bird photography setup!

With more time in my studio, I'm plugging along with the Star Flower quilt, which I've decided to name "Night Garden." Only seven more blocks remain to be made to complete the bottom row of star flowers.
Working on the final row of "main" blocks for "Night Garden," based on the "Star Flower" pattern.
Critique time: Please play along!
Generally, I cut my fabrics a little at a time until I'm pleased with the colors and values. Now, in deciding on my final blocks, I hope to add another of each of the blocks that read as beigy-green. (Top row, second in from right. Bottom row, third in from left.)

If I add those lights, will I lose the effect of dark fabrics almost fading into black?

My final need for feedback involves the brightest block: If I add another bright orange/magenta hand-dye like the one in the center, would it be too obviously "two"?
Is this guy too lonely? Is two too many? Three would probably skew the quilt to my usual "brights" palette, something I'm trying to get away from here.
Once the main blocks are done, it's time to design a cool sashing block to fill in those white spots you see. The pattern calls for a diamond in a square, but given my love of this quilt, I may just design my own thing. To see what's on other design walls, head on over to Patchwork Times and look for the "Design Wall" post. Happy Quilting!