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20 June 2011

Design Wall Monday: Star Flower

 Hi again! This is what's on my design wall today: a quilt called Star Flower that I'm making for a dear friend. It's one of three patterns I won during the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Instead of the "Modern Quilt" look on the pattern, shown below this photo, I'm going for moody, dark colors. They suit my friend's home much better.

Star Flower, in moody colors.
The Star Flower pattern by Piece'N'Quilt.
One thing I love about the version shown on the pattern is the way the lightest blocks disappear into the quilt's white background. (You can click any of my photos to make them bigger, if that helps.) So I pulled some very darks, hoping they'll blend into my version's black background.

More of the fabrics I'm considering for this quilt.
See the black batik under the yellow rotary-blade cover? Do you think that will make a nice blendy disappearing value? Hope so. To see more design wall sharing, head to the wonderful Patchwork Times website.

Oh, and before I forget, a shot of my Quality Control department.
Happy Monday! Gotta go teach me some yoga!