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16 June 2011

Back From Asilomar Vacation!

Greetings, devoted Reader. I'm sure you've gazed long enough at the bedraggled, wet parrots in my previous post, but I've been away from my blog, on my annual trip up to Asilomar Conference Grounds.
A room with a view ...
Asilomar is a state beach situated on a wild stretch of pine and cypress forest fronting the Pacific ocean south of Pacific Grove, on the Montery Peninsula. At any given time, Asilomar hosts conferences ranging from firefighters to rangers to religious groups. My particular conference is organized by Empty Spools Seminars, which organizes five week-long sessions, each offering workshops with your choice of one of ten or more world-class textile/quilt artists. All meals are included -- that means more creating and less cooking.

Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer and my table-mate, Dee. Notice the wonderful Arts and Crafts details in our building, the Merrill Hall assembly room.
I chose to study with Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer. Jeannette's a true teacher, in the studio school of the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and a real philosopher --she loves to talk about science and creativity. Fascinating, strong, talented and funny, she brought our group together to the point where we're still exchanging group emails and sharing our work, resources, and encouragement. Thanks for a super session, Jeannette! And thanks to Gail and Suzanne for yet another great Empty Spools.

Point Lobos, mid-June, wildflowers abounding.
Jeannette's class was part of Session V, the latest in Spring I've attended. I've never seen so many wildflowers! On our way home, we drove a short distance to Point Lobos, which landscape artist Francis McComas described as "The greatest meeting of land and water in the world." She was not exaggerating.

This guy's enjoying beautiful Carmel Valley.
After that, we chose to take a longer route, through Carmel Valley, back to Hwy. 101. We've never counted so many species of birds and animals, including the fine fellow above.

Good work on The Beard, Andy!
It's funny, but during the seminar, the other attendees, mostly women, kept asking Andy if he was keeping busy enough while I was working on arty stuff. He told them all that he was working on his beard. He did a good job, too.