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23 May 2011

Wet Parrots, and I'm a Winner, Again!

This pair, and several others, braved the drips and drops in our unseasonably wet Spring.
Last year, just about this time, I blogged about the flock of parrots mating in the eucalyptus trees outside our living room windows. They haven't been back for that specific activity, but we did get a few waterlogged visitors the other day. Wouldn't you think they'd find a more sheltering tree? They just kept shaking off the rain and looking a bit miserable, at least as miserable as such a funny animal can.

One of three Piece N Quilt patters I won. Simple, fun, and at home with my contemporary home.
In other news, Saturday I received an email from Amy telling me I'd won one of the prizes on Blogger's Quilt Festival. Quilting must be lucky for me. This time, I won three patterns of my choice from Piece N Quilt, an indie pattern/quilting company up in Utah. I have a few quilts to give for various occasions, and these modern designs look perfect! To win a prize from one of the many generous vendors on Blogger's Quilt Festival, one needs only to leave a comment when they post their quilt photo. So if you didn't get around to posting a quilt on the Festival, think again for next Fall's Festival. And, Amy, thanks again for all you do for the community.