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21 March 2011

Design Wall Monday: 2011 Cruisin' Quilters Shop Hop. I won!

I love it when my friends ask me along for the San Diego Cruisin' Quilters Shop Hop. First of all, there's the camaraderie: good friends, fun times, a great lunch, and sharing all the quilts and excitement. Secondly, these gals are super-organized and very driven. Finally, I get a rare chance to shop.

I don't buy much fabric anymore. I have pretty much a "legacy" stash: Many of my friends are older quilters, who have downsized and need to get rid of lots of fabric. So I've benefited from their $1/yard fabric and $1/book sales. As a result, I have a dynamic and far-flung fabric collection, but, dare I say it, a lot of my fabric looks a bit dated. So when I crave the new batiks or the current fad, say, the modernist prints, I save up for the annual Shop Hop.
Found a Cozy chair, midway through the first Saturday of the Cruisin' Quilter's Shop Hop
I'm not suggesting that older fabrics aren't conducive to exciting quilts. Fiber artist Lori Lupe Pelish, for example, creates stunning, moody representational quilts using even the ditsiest little calicoes and the unlikeliest fabrics.

Sandi, Sue, Bonnie and I managed nine shops on the first Saturday. I told you they were driven. Kerry and her lovely daughter Kendyll joined us midway. I decided to be productive and select batiks for my second Judy Niemeyer quilt, The Crown of Thorns.
A quilt for my next Lakeside retreat.
I hit a couple of shops during the next week, alone. When I entered the parking lot at Quilt in a Day, this sign marked Eleanor Burns' spot:
Don't park here, whatever you do!
Sue kindly accompanied me for the next weekend's, and final, Hop, even though she'd already completed her "passport." Here's how it works: Each shop you visit stamps a "passport form," and if you visit all the shops, you turn in your passport to be entered into the Grand Prizes drawing at the end of the Hop.

Sue, in her element!
Sandi, left, and Bonnie look happy.
My haul: fabric, thread, tools and books and my first set of Bali Pops!
Well, Guess Who won the Grand Prize? Yes, on Saturday, I received a call from Daniela Stout, the owner of Cozy Quilt Shop, offering me the Bernina 350 PE, a beautiful, Swiss (need we add, precision) sewing machine. I was pretty excited (okay, overjoyed), emailing my fellow Cruisin' Quilters and calling my family, so by the time it came to go to bed I couldn't sleep! When I awoke at 7 a.m. to teach my 9 a.m. Sunday class at Frog's, I was so tired I forgot to pour a cup of coffee.
Continuous line quilting by treating the group of diagonal blogs and connectors as a circle.
 So much for yogic detachment. Oh, and to adhere to the true Design Wall Monday theme, still trying to finish Morning After the Storm, I thought up a way to free-motion quilt the dark diamonds and intervening connectors without having to double-back or move the needle at all. I'm considering each group of diamonds as a circle, so not all of the sections you see are quilted; they'll be quilted in succeeding circles.
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