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26 January 2011

Orangutan and the Hound

Orangutan and the Hound

I hope you find this as heartwarming as I did. Being doggie-deprived, I'm a bit envious, too.
As always, have a beautiful week. And thanks for visiting!

23 January 2011

(Finally) Leaving Las Vegas ...

Leaving Nevada, the Silver State
We've dallied in Sin City for quite awhile. Sorry about not updating sooner, but have you ever met an inanimate object that hates you? My blazing star quilt hates me and doesn't want to be quilted, at least by me. I and my trusty Bernina will overcome.
Pin-basting helpers on "Night Star"
January is a blockbuster month for me. Not only do we have the usual "New Year" holiday, like everyone else in most of the Western world, but then comes my wedding anniversary, and hot on its heels, my birthday. Lots of new beginnings to celebrate, or at least commemorate (in the case of my birthday).
Robin sent these gorgeous b'day flowers
At 55, I'm now officially a speed limit. Okay, a former speed limit, but still. When one of my yoga-in-the-park students mentioned that now I'm eligible for the senior discount at Denny's, I did a little backwards somersault and cried, "I can't believe that I'm having this conversation!" A consolation: a quilter student added that I'm also eligible for a discount at Beverly's, a fabric store. So, not all bad. And considering the alternative, permanant savasana, (corpse pose), life's pretty good.

Anyways, all of these milestones can tend to make a person a little philosophical. Lately, my personal load to bear (literally, too) has been avoiding hoarding STUFF. So when I found a site called the "100 Thing Challenge" on the web, I felt a chill run down my spine. This guy, Dave, I think he's called, challenges people to pare down their stuff to only 100 things. For a family, I'm assuming that's 100 things per person. Amazing!

We took the doors off this cabinet to personalize our kitchen, displaying our cookbook collection
Gosh, I own more than 400 cookbooks. I have friends who must own more than 200 pairs of shoes, and I don't run with a fancy crowd. So imagine my horror mixed with envy when I read more. These must be the people who can fit their lives and possessions into the tiny cottages here in Ocean Beach!

I kept reading. Uh-hunh. One guy listed his library as one item. Hmmm. I extrapolated. My clothing: one item. My fabrics and sewing supplies: one item. Hey, I could do this, too!

Sunset at Sunset Cliffs, January 2011
Dear Reader, I leave you with my most precious gift, a sunset captured a day or so before my birthday. We are all so lucky to be alive ... speed limit or not.