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08 January 2011

Love Blankies, Redux

Redux. It means brought back. How is it pronounced? Is it "re-doo," as it would be in French? "Re-ducks," as I always say? Just wondering.

Either way, I've been lax in posting. Some bloggers post every day, no matter how brief the text or ho-hum the topic. I like to save posts for when something really gets me thinking -- when I can make connections or ponder a point. How do you like to blog? Would you prefer to see an Artelicious post every day? Please leave me a comment.

I have a few more Love Blankie photos to share with you before I get to the truly meaty post about this week's trip to Las Vegas.
A Love-Blankie for Alice, Andy's Mom
Sue made me a Love Bankie in my greens!
When Andy's and Wendy's dad, Rhett, passed away, I used some of his flannel shirts for Wendy's quilt. I even added some pockets.
Alice and Mommy made this one for me, in colors to compliment our Nelda Warkentin quilt.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visit here, and to wish you a peaceful, healthy and successful new year.