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03 December 2010

Quality Control

Most of the quilters/art quilters/fiber artists or whatever you want to call 'em of my acquaintance are super arty: dye-painting and sun-printing their fabrics; beading and hand-stitching them into shape; embellishing with vintage earrings and vintage pajamas, etc. The ones who prefer strip-piecing seem to be buying their strips pre-cut, in lines of fabrics from a single manufacturer, like Hoffman or Moda. Then they buy quilt patterns that use that size of strip.

They are all having fun.

These people are smarter than I am.

Tonight, December's first Friday, am I attending a fabulous soiree? Dining under candlelight? Listening to an obscure jazz quartet? Walking on a deserted beach with the one I love? Swilling eggnog? Nope; I'm cutting 1.25" strips from questionable fabric way-left-over from this UFO. And most of it qualifies as scraps, i.e., off-grain. That means ruffly to you non-fiber people.

My girl kitty, Lotus Blue, decided to step in for some much-needed quality control.
Finally, a quilting angel has walked in

Let's give a nudge to the left!

Now that's looking a bit better!
 Hugs, Love, and Happy Holidays to all! Oh, and because we're on the kitty topic (what, again?), remember Carl Sandburg's classic poem where "the fog creeps in on little cats' feet." Or something like that.
Fog bank off Sunset Cliffs, December 3rd, 2010