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19 November 2010

A Busy Friday ...

Tip: When you find yourself humming the theme song to "Mr. Ed" over and over inside your head, it's time to put on some music.

Of course, it beats the "Green Acres" theme song hands down; which Andy and I sing to each other with great vim and vigor more often than it's safe to admit. (We have it down.)

But life is not all about early '60s television theme songs.

I know I've been lax in posting here. I mean, just how many sea urchin videos can a person take in? But a new deadline has lit another fire under my butt, and of course I had to clean my studio from top to bottom before I could begin. (I don't do piles.)

The Quilt Visions Member Critique Group has been invited to submit quilts for a new show -- we open sometime this Spring at the Visions Art Museum down at NTC. In order to qualify for getting juried in, however, our quilt must be ready to photograph by December 3rd. I just found this out last week. Eeek!

As my entry's sooper-secret, I can't show it here. Instead, I'll show a quilt from our collection: one "Salmon Flash," by Nelda Warkentin.

Notice how Salmon Flash changes with the light of day? Nelda's from Alaska, where I guess they know all about salmon flashes.

We purchased this stunning art quilt from the big, biennial Quilt Visions show held back in 2006, I believe. To see a more recent quilt by Nelda, and other contemporary quilt/fiber art from around the globe, don't miss the current show, Quilt Visions: No Boundaries, at the charming Oceanside Art Museum.