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07 October 2010

I'm Back, and Blogging!

You'll never believe this: We went somewhere else! Our dear friends Bud and Gaynor phoned us while we were camping in Big Sur (a chapter we haven't even gotten to yet), inviting us on a unexpected, sudden and spontaneous sailing trip to Santa Catalina Island on their beautiful J Boat, Rum Funny. Duh! Of course we said yes. Did I mention it was unexpected?
Bud and Gaynor en route to Santa Catalina Island
That's why I've been absent -- and thanks to all the friends who've called, concerned. We're safe, we're trying to catch up here around the house, and I'm itching to finish the Wine Country write-up so I can get busy telling you all about Catalina.
Background for my "Leaves and Trees" challenge quilt
Right now, however, I need to work on my entry for the Quilt Visions Member Challenge, "Leaves and Trees." The deadline's tomorrow! Ack! So far, I've created this "Palm Leaf" background, inspired by Peggy Martin's "Cactus Tree" quilt. See the brilliant fall foliage as you look up to a blazing blue fall sky? Paper-piecing really eased the process. I've never worked in a 12" by 12" format before: it seems a bit cramped. Also, this challenge requires embroidery, and I have a plan. Stay tuned!