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03 September 2010

My All-Time Favorite Quilting Tool

These two...
Chevy, bottom, and Lotus Blue, top.
...are the reason why this ...
My lint roller, most-beloved quilting tool. my sexiest, all-time favorite, most-revered quilting tool. Any questions?

Oh, it also comes in handy for removing cat fur from clothing: Lotus, the white kitty, favors a nap under my long black skirts. Chevy likes my white shirt shelf. It's a conspiracy.

It's funny, but Lotus, the original Captain Courageous, jumps off the work table when the lint roller gets rollin'. Steam irons, vacuum cleaners, precipitious heights, scary crows, annoying trash trucks on Monday mornings -- nothing fazes her more than the lint roller. Maybe she's protesting that she's taken care to adorn my fabrics with her precious DNA and I'm undoing all her hard work?

Don't tell any of them, but the members of my Wednesday group, The Brownie Troop, are getting a lint-roller five-pack for gifts. Usually, when a member travels, she brings back fat quarters for all. I never go anywhere (I'm not complaining: I love my home); but when I do travel, I end up in countries with lousy fabrics (i.e., Costa Rica; Mexico, etc). Instead of fat quarters (a quarter-yard of fabric, but cut on the width instead of the length, 22" by 18") I try to give little gifts now and again, or make a nice lunch here and there, when it's my turn to host. Now if only we could become the Pizza Troop! :)

01 September 2010

Tropical Sundance: Finished and ready to quilt

By now, gentle Reader, you're probably wondering if the title of this blog shouldn't be changed from "Artelicious" to "Tropical Sundance." Here's one last view of my latest quilt, now that it's all sewn together and awaiting a session with a longarm quilting machine. (There's no way I'm gonna try and drag this sucker under my home sewing machine: Bernina or no Bernina.)
Tropical Sundance: Finished and ready to quilt, 2010, 52"x 64"
As long as we're on this Tropical Sundance thread, I can tell you a story about it. Years ago, I bought the pattern at the urging of several friends, who all decided to make it and swap fabrics for it, too. For some long-forgotten reason, I didn't get in on the swap, and left my quilt in my UFO (Unfinished Fiber Object) box until just this June.
Anyways, let's see what the other quilts look like!
Here's Sue's:
Sue's Tropical Sundance quilt, 2005
Here's Sandi's:
Sandi's take on Tropical Sundance, Kollaboration, 2005
Here's Kerry's version; she enlarged hers to become square:
Kerry's version, called Jungle Dance, 2004
And here's Darlene's quilt:
Darlene's rendition of Tropical Sundance, 2005
I love them all! I'll miss working with these bright colors, but I'm happy to be moving on to the next UFO.

30 August 2010

Design Wall Monday

I've almost finished Tropical Sundance! Just finished cutting out these border rectangles/squares, and I'm cogitating on their placement. For now, they're just smoothed onto the flannel design wall. Any suggestions?
Tropical Sundance, awaiting the border strips to be placed and sewn together. Please click on the quilt to see a larger image. And please, comment! :) I'd love your feedback.