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09 August 2010

Design Wall Monday: Tropical Sundance!

Hoping to continue the productivity surge that resulted from my quilting retreat earlier this summer, I've joined a blog ring called "Design Wall Monday." Simply put, you photograph what you're working on and post it each Monday.
Tropical Sundance, in progress, will be 52" by 64"
Tropical Sundance is one of only two purchased patterns I've made. To me, this type of quilting is every bit as valid as the art quilts and wearables I've designed myself. The designer, Judy Niemeyer, uses paper-piecing as a way to make all those curved seams and pointed rays available to the average person. Plus I love her layouts.
Extreme piecing!
The blocks above are only pinned to my wall; I still need to finish sewing the inner circles to the outer "sun" shapes. At left, I've pinned the two pieces at the top so you can see just what a daunting task it is to sew the outer black edge to the inner orange sun. Plenty of clipping involved!

The bottom left photo shows the reverse side of a finished block. Normally I'd baste the pieces first, when sewing a shirt collar or other tricky garment part. I considered basting this, but naaah. A longer stitch, around 2.2mm, works better than shorter.

Clips, notches and pins help a lot.
Sometimes I agonize over the dumbest things. When I decided to rescue this quilt from my UFO pile for my retreat project, I figured it would go quickly, and be easy to sew while chatting and having fun. Yet I wondered whether I was "selling out" by sewing someone else's design?
This type of sewing is therapy itself; and plus, I'm going to be hanging a fantastic, colorful quilt on my wall when all is said and done (and stitched).