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05 August 2010

More Home Dec Fabric Sample Books ...

My friend Gloria visited the other day, and quickly homed in on a pile of stuff near the top of our stairs. "What's all this?" she exclaimed. Gloria, having down-sized into the most gorgeous condo in my favorite part of the Earth, is understandably clutter-averse. Having read my blog-post on hoarding, Gloria, like any true friend, also tries to call me out on my own tendencies toward clutter magnet-tude.

Well, "all this" happened to be a box packed with fabric sample books from Gaynor, another neat friend, who has an interior designer buddy. "Fabric samples" does not do my latest pile 'o' stuff justice: these goods are drop-dead gorgeous.
Imagine 12 color-ways...(Click to enlarge)
People live like this? No cats!
That's one out of ten or so books; two or three others showcase sublime embroidered textiles. When I saw their splendor, I quickly emailed Gaynor, asking her if she was sure she didn't want them. Happily, she said yes.
The nattering nabobs of negativity (don't you love of Nixon's speechwriters, William Safire I think, came up with that) may say, "But what will you ever do with that stuff?"

Actually, I've been the happy recipient of other sample books, from our favorite upholsterer, Patsy Carter. A few years ago, when I was invited to be part of a wedding album for Dana and Trevor, our teachers at Infinite Yoga, I asked if I could embellish the photo album's cover. I chose home-dec samples in  Indian colors, because our lineage of Ashtanga Yoga comes from India. Click below for more detail on the album cover.
At front, right, I carved the OM stamp and burned it into the velvet. Same for the sun, top left. I machine embroidered Shiva as Nataraj; also the Shisha mirror. I like the back, left, where the couple looks back. I hand embroidered the front to resemble a crazy quilt.
Here's our page in the album.
Gloria didn't arrive for her visit empty handed, by the way. She gave me a great big bag full of lovely yardage from Provence and a New York designer. Hmm. I think she's sending mixed messages.

Again, Thank You, Gaynor ... and Gloria!