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28 March 2012

Thinking Outside the Box ...

Shoe box as collage surface: my first attempt at collage. Terrifying!
Lately I've been craving the paper arts. It's funny: most of the truly Rock Star quilters or painters or chefs or gardeners seem to stick to their Thing. Not me ... which is why I'm perhaps still finding my own voice in these many avenues. Above, the top of a shoe box that I thought would make a good container for all the nature maps and bird lists we've collected lately.
Visits to Birdy Places seem to add to our collection of maps, charts, bird lists and the like. Fun.
Birds in the Colliers Encyclopedia: Finally glad to cut into the book. Shivers!
Various resources called out to me: clippings from ZooNooz, the magazine of the San Diego Zoo; fabric birds clipped from Asian yardage; stamped, colored and cut-out birdies; text from a French book; glittery Christmas paper and maps; and birds cut out from the infamous Collier's Encyclopedia, shown above. (Yes, I got the courage to cut into books! Hheya!) I guess you need to do this to make altered books, etc. As a lifelong book lover, this is really a difficult thing for me. Am I weird or something? :)

The box front: I think I may add a handle on the map part above. I'll probably stamp/emboss it, and disress it too.That's the wonderful Vincent Price in the right corner, holding a falcon in full falconry regalia. Wonder what movie that was from?

Box, stage left. The neatest thing here was a Gambol's Quail with printing over it, from a hunting pamphlet we found at the Lake Mead Ranger's Station. Who would want to shoot birds? Gawd ...

Box, stage right. I had fun finding Victorian clip art from some Dover collections. The purple stamp (circle, sort of) I carved from a wine cork. I had trouble finding a wine cork around here ...
It's still a bit 'tacky' from the varnish I sprayed on top. Again, my paper arts skills are still in the budding stages. But it's sure fun! I forgot to note that I bought some Golden acrylic paints and spread them all over, to unify the box and keep the birds and other items from looking too "pasted on." Please comment and tell me what you're just finishing, starting or otherwise working on!


DeborahS said...

Nice box! Such a great idea. You've inspired me to get out a box I've had for a while and wasn't sure how to go about decorating it.
It is hard to keep switching mediums, but the medium need not define you. You're in good company, many excellent artists switch mediums and work back and forth between one medium and another. The medium is, after all, just the medium. I found this funny disrespectful quote by Joanne Mattera on this subject. "If you're medium is talking to you, see a shrink." That might not be exact, but you get the idea.
By the way, your comment moderation thingie won't allow me to use my wordpress ID which links to my artblog, which is

Kate said...

I love the owl :)

belladonna13 said...

very cool. sometimes you just have to jump in and do it

Coleen said...

Very nice box Tina. I like how you integrated the pictures on the top.

Coleen in Ukraine
from AB on Yahoo

Sharon House said...

Lovely box! Jumping from one medium to another is fun. There are so many things in this art world of ours to play with and I think we should experience as many as we can!