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19 November 2011

Night Garden, critique on block placement, please

Would you mind taking a look at my color/value placements, now that I've finished the sashing blocks, and moved every main block around at least 20 times? Please leave me an email ( or a comment. You are all so appreciated. Thank you in advance.
"Night Garden," plastered onto the design wall.. Does anything jar? Need moving? Sorry about the file cabinet on the bottom left: can't move it. Thanks!!!


Sue V said...

Hi Tina! I love it! One suggestion though, the first column has 3 med-dark blocks and the next 2 columns are lighter blocks. Maybe swap the first 2 blocks in the second row to move the values?

Carol A. Babineau said...

Tina,I see a line in the 4th row that jumps out at me.
I would rearrange it a bit. Once you switch stuff try either squinting when looking at it or use binoculars backwards. Sometimes that works. I also do take photos so I can see the color value changes - cameras see different than I do :)

Jane frank said...

My dear Tina-the quilt is beyond gorgeous as is. The placements to me are perfect because they make your eye continuously advice is to not ask advice-I think you created an object of beauty. Love, Jane

Peggy said...

Hi Tina,
The color choices are bold and exciting. What I see in this quilt is movement to the right and the bottom right. The first column on the left reads as dark so my eye travels in. It seems I focus the most on the second from bottom row on the 6 blocks on the right. Did you want that? Personally, I like movement rather than scattered brights throughout...but that is my taste. One thought I had was to sort them into dark-darks, med-darks, mediums, brights, and bright-brights. Then perhaps try a gradated path using them to make your eye go where you plan. A loop, spiral, or lazy snake might be interesting. Have you tried rotating some of the blocks? This is so fun! Thanks for sharing your work and inviting our imaginations to soar. :) Peggy

Dolores said...

It's lovely Tina!! The only thing I noticed is that the 4th row has a lot of bright/light ones in a sequence which you might want to separate - maybe move one or two up or left. I think it's stunning. I know you look, move, look, move, etc., and it gets to the point you can't tell anymore. But know it's absolutely striking!!!!

heather urquhart said...

hi tina -- interesting pattern; i've never seen it before. the second-from-the-bottom row seems brighter than the others to me.....

Anonymous said...

Looks great, a lot of sewing!!
The left hand row up and down does read a little dark, I would swop the purple dots with the lime green next to it and see how that looks. Then maybe every other row start with a bright.

kwiltnkats said...

Wow with all these comments do you know what to do? BIG WINK! I agree with most on the second to the last row. But otherwise looks good to me. Sandi

Bookhandler said...

Hi Tina,
I like the movement created by bright squares together, leading the eye right, but I agree that the left column is dark and almost disappears. If you put a bright square in the bottom left, it might help, yet maintain the movement. Good luck and thanks for asking.
Nancy L.

Tina said...

Wow! Thanks to everyone! I've moved some blocks around in line with your great suggestions, still trying to keep it from being too regular.

Onto sewing it up! Hopefully it will rain and I won't be tempted to go find the burrowing owl over on Fiesta Island. :)

Hugs, love, and deep appreciation for each one of you,
Tina in San Diego

ChrisC said...

Moving on to sewing is a great idea. This quilt is going to look very good. I lot the mixture of light and dark.

Ellen Anne Eddy said...

This is a treat! I know you've already sewed it down, but it' a poster kid for a pathway. Your bright yellows are almost like traffic signs. When you've got something that shines out like that you can use them as stepping stones to make a path through your quilt.
Would you be willing to do a guest blog for me?I'm doing a thread on the lunatic fringe that I'd love to include your work on.

Tina Rathbone said...

Ellen, I'd be happy to guest blog on the Lunatic Fringe. I still have my badge, somewhere. I'll email you a bit later to learn more. It's an honor to appear on your blog. A new book! I didn't know until I saw it on your blog just now. How exciting! Congratulations for all your hard work.