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19 November 2011

Late Fall Flowers Prove Healing After Termite Tenting

Simple flowers add the crowning touch after moving back home.
We just returned from the pet forgiving, but rather yucky motel room we rented for three nights while our home was tented for termites. Back at home, once we cleaned the shelves and stowed everything in its place, I felt the Domestic Goddess urge and created the above arrangement out of ornamental plum and bouganvillia. To me, it says Late Fall.

The "vacation" wouldn't have been so bad if we could have left the room, and maybe gone birding or visited a restaurant. But we wanted to stay and reassure the very freaked-out kitties. Despite an abundance of food, water, toys and their sandbox -- and most important, their loving people -- Chevy and Lotus pretty much hung out under the bed the whole time. Cats, I've concluded, are not like dogs.
Dogs: "Cool! New smells! I love an adventure."
Cats: "What was that noise? I'm going to die."

Chevy and Lotus enjoy their home away from home.
Knowing we'd be stuck in the room, I packed various "fun kits" which also required moving: my ukulele and some music; my birder's guide and binoculars; a netbook computer and little speakers; and a sewing machine and supplies. We also passed the time enjoying old movies on TCM, like  "Shanghai Express" starring Marlene Dietrich. I wonder how many suitcases she had?
Keeping busy during the Big Wait.
Most people live in regions with cold winters. Termites, if any, freeze. Or, in warmer climes, people move every ten years or so, and don't have to go through this ordeal more than once in a given residence. Well, when someday I do move out of here, they're carrying me out in a box! It's not so much that I'm attached to this home, although, after 12-some years, I've grown to love it. It's just the act of moving that brings me down. Yikes!
Any plant slated to live had to be wheeled on a dolly up the U-Haul's ramp, by Andy.
Days before the tenting, we worked like ants: boxing up our spices, the pantry, freezers and fridges. Out came our wine cellar, our meds, toothpastes, my lipsticks ... you name it. What's worse, our garden's on a patio, shown above, that is covered in slate. All our plants are in containers. But the patio had to be tented too, because its wood foundations attach to the house (patio and house are on stilts, off the ground). Anyways, all the moveable plants had to go ... so we rented a U-Haul and stored them inside it for three days. They fared pretty well, despite having no light. But many other plants, like our lemon tree, center, were simply too big to be moved. Oh well ... maybe with time it and the others will revive.

With all of that, I have very little spirit left for cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I'll probably rally, though. And how was your week?


Sue V said...

Tina, you should have called me to come help. We could have moved the lemon tree using a dollie...I think? What a nasty ordeal to have to go thru but at least it's over.

Mary Tabar said...

Hi Tina, your blog is wonderful, and your photos are so clear. Keep up the great work!