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03 August 2011

Is That a Horse?

Driving up to our first visit to San Elijo Lagoon (yes, we're both from San Diego and have never known about the walks, the visitor's center, the wildlife) ... we saw this as we looked left from I-5 to Fiesta Island:
Forty or so horses, complete with elegant trailers and other transportation, cooled off at Fiesta Island.
I'm like, "Is that a horse?" We soon saw many more, maybe 40 horses in all. We headed west to circle Fiesta Island, like all of San Diego's Mission Bay a man-made heap and channels carved into native estuary, but recently created from what was once, long ago in the '50's, a dump site. Long before that, Mission Bay more resembled the salt-marsh, estuarine environment of Famosa Slough. (We naughty San Diego kids still call Fiesta Island "Fester Island.")

Being me and endlessly curious, I got out of the car (parking far away from the horses, who are prey animals and very skittish [no duh!]), and asked if there was a special event going on. As it turned out, people bring their horses to this area all the time, to cool them off. Most horses here live in East San Diego county, where it gets hot ... poor guys.

Stay cool! Hugs,
Tina in San Diego


Carol A. Babineau said...

That sounds like a lovely place to visit. I would like to next year when we go to San Diego for my son's wedding.
By the way.........horses are just big dogs. :) We've had a few.

I am also glad you discovered bird watching. I have a pretty good list (in my head) of all those I have seen. What fun!

kwiltnkats said...

I'll bet you were surprised to see as Carol says "big dogs" when it was birds you actually expected to find. What a treat for the East San Diego residents! Sandi

Tina said...

Thanks for commenting, Carol and Sandi. Yes, I've seen the cowboy movies with the faithful horse fording the stream; I never quite think 'ocean' with horses, however. They have Boogie Boarding dogs: think horses are next? :)