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17 May 2011

Space: The Final Frontier

My studio's closet wall has needed pegboard for years.
The most recent art supply to enter my studio? A box of #10/2 perle cotton thread, on cones, in irresistible colors. A former weaver was moving to another state and donated about 20 huge, black garbage bags of the thread to Visions Art Museum's Spring Cleaning Sale -- on the very day I was there for my Visions Member's Critique Group. It was only right and just to support VAM, right? I bought tons.

Once home, the cones found their way into a large bin, and onto the floor. Did I say the bin was Large? When the clutter factor drove me a little berserk, I asked Andy to help me hang some pegboard in my studio's closet. He shopped for my pegboard hangers and accessories, and we spent a fun evening hanging everything. By the way, click on the Visions Art Museum link to see some of the outrageous entries in the current show, "Fashion Without Fabric." A black licorice evening gown, anyone?

1 comment:

Linda said...

The thread cones make an art statement by themselves! The colors are so beautiful together!