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18 May 2011

Andy and the Xoom, sketch

Andy, relaxing on the couch with his Motorola Xoom
Am I daring enough to attempt a human sketch? I guess so! Of a relative? Yeah! A Husband? Wayy. I'm not going to put this down, at all, at all, at all ... really is it so half bad? It's awful, I know, but I'm going to plead "out of practice." And quickly sign up for a life-drawing class.
Love and hugs, and happy hump day to you! Sketchbook Challenge, here I come!


Linda said...

How fun, Tina! Husbands are more forgiving than other relatives so go for it!

Tina said...

Linda, you're too kind. I'm actually not married to Frankenstein! :) He's a rather handsome fellow, in truth.