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24 April 2011

Sketchbook Sunday

Morning Glory Climbing the Drink Cart
Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon with my sketchbook, a pen, some Caran d'Ache water-soluble crayons, a waterbrush, and my watercolors.
I sketched "plein air", from life, but took a photo during the sketching session.
Finally, I used my new "nice" Moleskine sketchbook -- the one I didn't feel I was "good enough" to use in my previous sketchbook post. Silly, huh? I'll make this my April submission to the Sketchbook Challenge. It's free and lots of fun, so join up: especially if you think you can't draw. Everyone can draw!

This month's theme is "Branching Out/Out on a Limb." The idea is to stretch yourself in some way. I stretched by using my Caran d'Ache crayons with water for the morning glories; also, the composition branches out. I'll try to work on more sketches for April this week.

Art supplies can be baffling, I know. So much is out there! So here's a photo of some of my favorites, and a bit about each one.
Some favorite sketching supplies.
From top, a collapsable water container, with a handle, gives a nice quantity of water for those long outdoor sessioons. A very reasonable set of brushes, from Dick Blick, serve well as a starter set. Above the red brushes sits a water brush. It's super convenient while out in nature -- or anywhere you don't want to deal with a water container. The messy looking thing in the center is a folding palette; your thumb goes in that thumb-shaped hole. It's small, but serves very well. A fan brush, a hake, and a feather can all add texture. A small set of water-soluble crayons and a waterbrush make for a lightweight sketch session, used alone. To the left, a set of Pigma Micron pens, with varying line widths, give a calligraphic quality. Under that, a water-soluble pencil, by Derwent, can smear and smudge nicely. It's pointing at some grey Prisma pencils, a Conte charcoal pen, a really sturdy pencil sharpener, and a kneadable eraser. A blue and brown Prismacolor duo, great for quick sketches, and, at bottom, some Conte pastels, round out the mix.


JHDjr said...

Beautiful post! Keep them coming..

kwiltnkats said...

Art isn't much my thing, I've been trying to draw a very simple cat that I can use with my signature for years...just can't get that pen to work correctly! Your morning glory sketch is lovely. Will you be drawing the entire flower pot? Sandi

ButtonMad said...

This is a beautiful sketch - multi-talented!

ChrisC said...

The garlic and the Morning Glory sketches are fantastic. Could they be made into an art quilt sometime?