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22 April 2011

Cheap Fun

If I had to name the most beloved cat toy around here, it'd have to be the yard of icky, black nylon netting I bought from the local craft store.
Lotus vanquishes the Net Monster, again and again.
A project called for some transparent fabrics, so I picked up a yard of this super-cheap, stiff netting. Later, I learned it was better to work with something called tulle, a finer, wedding-weight (okay, maybe not in black) netting. So the original, stiff netting ended up on the floor, as so much seems to around here. Soon the one yard piece had been shredded into two half-yards, and they promptly turned into vehicles for the cats to ride. If you want a new cat toy, or to be endlessly entertained, head to JoAnne or your local craft/fabric place and get some. Variations include dropping a puff-ball or toy mouse inside, where they have fun trapping, hiding, and pouncing on it; also, you can pick up the corners and drag the cat around inside the Net Monster. Hardwood floors are a boon for slip and slide action, especially if the cats can 'take off' from an adjacent carpeted area.

And, so you can get your Chevy fix:
Chevron, the newest sub-atomic particle.
Where have you all been?
Seriously, I've missed blogging and will try to be better about getting more posts out. The following is no excuse, but I've been involved in the type of art-quilt class that has proved a real stretch for me, and sometimes a source of real frustration. Let's just say that I don't feel I've been working to my strengths, so I'm not getting much done. Anyways, I've missed you and hope to be BACK! :)


Kelly said...

I smiled when I read your post. Our three cats are presently enamoured with my husband's pile of clothes on the dining room table waiting to get to the dry cleaner. They should be nice and furry when they do actually get there:>

Bonny Tinling said...

Hi Tina,

initially I mistook your name for another Tina I know, who happens to be involved with horses, which contributed to the confusion ("back in the saddle - posting- again"). She used to be my saddle fitter, went into car sales, and I thought maybe had gotten back to horses full time again.

anyway, nice to hear from you. I've not been doing much with either fabric or quilting in the past few years, but am starting to get motivated to make some bed quilts for family, and may get back to art from there. my garden and horses have been consuming my energy and interest for the past few years.

love cats, and very much enjoyed your sharing of your cat members of your family. will try some netting. my girl is now 15 and getting less inclined to exercise, play, hunt, and more likely to sleep her days away (like me sometimes!). good toy ideas are a big help.

about not working to your strengths, care to elaborate?

best wishes, bonny

kwiltnkats said...

Your kitties are so cute. Chevron as quiet and shy as he is I'm told is beautiful with his black long hair and Lotus in the netting is a painting waiting for you! I'll have to pick some Net Monster up next time I'm in Joanns. Kaos would love it! Sandi