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27 April 2011

Art Supplies: 100th Anniversary at Dick Blick Today: 25 % off Everything!

A quickie post: Today I wandered into Blick Art Materials, needing some Soft Gel Medium. Lo and behold, they were giving away free t-shirts, waters, snacks, demos, eco-shopping bags, markers, and more! It turns out today is Blick's 100th Anniversary, so everything in the store is marked 25% off.

Here's a hint on what's currently on my Design Wall and why I needed more Gel Medium.
Thanks to the sale, I loaded up on a few other supplies, but of course, I ended up buying the wrong type of Gel Medium -- Regular instead of Soft. Anything to do with acrylic media -- even the paints -- confuses me. You should see all the different types on the shelf: They even carry a Gel Medium that adds a pebbly texture to your surface.

By the way, Blick's is starting to carry a lot more stuff to interest the fabric artist, including Soda Ash for dyeing, every form of Jacquard fabric paint, stencil brushes, unique and wonderful collage papers, and more. Sadly for me, Blick's stocked hardly any Setacolor (I need yellow).

Anyways, if you've been eyeing something and want to get a good and rare discount, get thee over to Blick's!

Addendum: Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils work supremely well for drawing/coloring on fabric, according to Quilt Visions Critique Group members Trish and Dave Charity. I watched a demo at Quilter's Paradise during the Cruisin' Quilters Shop Hop, witnessing vibrant results. I'll let you know how I like mine! Sets of these pencils are expensive, so maybe today's the day? :)


sweet limes said...

I want to try those Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils now. They sound like they would be a fun tool. Might have to think about getting some. They'd be a great tool.

Susan Reep said...

Saw you on CED and was curious about Tina in San Diego. Glad I checked in! I wish we had an art supply other than Aaron Bros. here in Bakersfield. Not complaining, just don't have shelves and shelves of gel, which I need to learn how to use.