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08 February 2011

Tuesday's Salady Something

Peppie misses his other half.
I made a yummy black bean salad and wanted to share it with you. I was in the mood (okay, craving) two things: romaine lettuce and black beans. (I know, most people's cravings involve chocolate, but I'm weird.)

On the way home from work I stopped by the local co-op, Ocean Beach People's, and picked up a can of unsalted black beans; an orange bell pepper, christened Peppie, above; a tomato; a cuke; a bunch of cilantro; a small bag of frozen corn; a romaine lettuce; some taco shells; and some salsas. All organic. I drained the canned beans and dumped them into a large bowl. I chopped the tomato, a nice, ripe one, and added some lovely sherry vinegar and plenty of Kosher salt and pepper, then dumped that in, too. Then came half the pepper; half the cuke; half the cilantro bunch; lots of lettuce; a small grating of mozzeralla cheese, and a teensy portion of braised duck breast, courtesy of Chef Andy. Mind you, this is for two people, and we ended up with leftovers. You would probably double the amounts for a family portion, or for a potluck offering.

A tiny drizzle of olive oil, a bit of Balsamic vinegar, and a tad more salt and pepper finished it off: then a hand tossing to mix it up (fun 'cause you get to lick your fingers afterwards!). We heated up the taco shells -- normally I would have used plain old cheapo corn tortillas, but never go shopping when you've just taught a vigorous yoga class and you're starving!

Andy pronouced it yummy and didn't even put any salsa on it. I put way too much extra-hot La Salsa Chilena on mine but loved every minute of it. No duck breast? Use a bit of leftover cooked chicken or even some high-quality canned or fresh tuna. Vegetarians can leave that out ... vegans will leave out the meat, of course, and the cheese, as well. A sprinkling of "nutritional yeast" would add a cheesy flavor for vegans. However you make it, enjoy!

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kwiltnkats said...

I just finished breakfast and I'm already hungry! Sounds yummy...I'll give it a try for certain.