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12 February 2011

Okay, I Figured It Out!

So it turns out I'd caught a terrible cold from Andy. I tried to brazen through his all-night coughing sessions for the last five days, but it finally caught up with me. That's the reason for last night's self-pitying post. Usually I tend towards the chipper side, and I should have realized that last night's needy part was coming from my acute need for bed and rest. I even was sweaty and freezing cold, yesterday, at the same time ... Sigh. Do we ever become more tuned in to our 'stuff'? Anyways, those of you who follow my blog, please excuse the last post as an anomaly. :) And Love to all of you ... and anyone with any recommendations for sore-throat and cough remedies, please comment! :) Oh, but still, any recommendations on quilting the "Morning After the Storm" sashing parts are very very very welcome :0

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Carol B in NH said...

Try Zicam for the cold or Delsym if you have a cough that won't go away.