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27 February 2011

Craft Fail Sunday

Click on Photo for a Closeup of Our Failed Marbled Ornaments: a Craft Fail Supreme!
Behold, my first submission to the hilariously entertaining web blog, Craft Fail

Anyone who frequents craft stores like JoAnne, Michael's or Beverly's must have seen them back in November and December: end-cap displays loaded with boxes of clear glass ornaments. I saw them everywhere in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Well, my local Beverly's also displayed an array of the ornaments after being decorated. Some were filled with little shiny things or edible sprinkles. Others sprouted beads or were wrapped in ribbons. But the ones that caught my eye were the glorious, perfectly marbled ornaments. Next to this sat a collection of little acrylic paint bottles, in reds, greens and whites.

If you've seen my home, you know that bright red and green just don't go well in here. As I possess aqua, purple and white furnishings, my idea of a Christmas-y red is more a magenta, and for green, chartreuse. So I headed to the paint aisle and picked up a handful of more congenial colors. Two boxes of ornaments later, I was good to go.

My cousin Gabriel was visiting us at the time, and I thought marbling some ornaments might make a fun "family togetherness" holiday project. Also, our tree was on the smallish side, so I pictured it dazzling every guest with its collection of gorgeous and perfect balls.

Well, the paint was thick, and as we poured it inside the glass balls, it didn't move. We swirled, spun and gyrated madly, to no avail. I had the brilliant idea of pouring rubbing alcohol in there to thin out the paints. Bad idea. Glitter paint only made them worse. The paints turned too thin, and poured out. We poured it back in: nada. New paint did not take, either. Some puddles remained, so a few days later I set them outside to dry. Then it rained on and in them. Voila, my spectacular Holiday Craft Fail.

If you ever need a laugh, visit the Craft Fail site. Just be careful not to sip your morning coffee or other beverage of choice while you're reading!

Have a great time at the Oscars this evening! Those gowns and tuxes are no craft fails! Hugs to you all.


nanke's stuff said...

We've all had them, that's for sure. Your idea was great (I thought I'd give it a try myself,but now I'm not so sure). I went to Craft Fail and died laughing at the little hearts that turned into a part of Cupid's anatomy! How funny!!! nancy

Darlene said...

I think they are pretty! Did you finally figure out how to do it?

Tina said...

Thanks for commenting on my Craft Fail par excellence. Nancy, isn't the blog Craft Fail hilarious, as in, scream out loud hilarious?

Darlene, I did find a video on the Beverly's web site, which was too little, too late. I guess you just swirl like mad, but really that didn't work for us. Maybe it's an altitude thing or some other mystery phenom. :)

Hugs and thanks again for commenting, Tina

kwiltnkats said...

Even though your ornament making was a fail. The "family togtherness" with Gabriel had to have been a complete win. I can just see the two of you swirling the paints--well trying too! Sandi