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10 January 2011

Vegas, Baby

Fun (?) at the Fremont Street Experience
We are not people who would choose Las Vegas as a vacation destination. So, when Andy finally got a press pass for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held last week, I prepared by gathering lots of stuff to keep me busy.

Not that I can't play poker. In fact, last time we did, my host glared at me after the game where I won, gave Andy my chips, then won again, taking home the pot. I guess he thought I was a novice. We haven't seen Jachin since.

Anyway, the point is that I work very hard for my paycheck, in a strenuous, physical sense (I'm an Ashtanga yoga instructor). And I don't find gambling pleasurable at all -- especially since they got rid of all the "one-armed bandits." Andy and I used to head to Las Vegas each January to cover Comdex, the now-defunct computer trade show which was arguably the world's biggest convention. It spanned almost every hotel/casino and convention center. Thus, I made it a point, somewhere in the day, to stick a quarter in a slot in each casino. Sometimes I'd even find a coin or two on the floor. Fun!

Now the casinos are full of chirping, blinking video machines. Does anyone understand how these annoying things work? Actually, my friend Jane, one of the Brownie Troop, is the video machine maven. When she had to relocate to Vegas for a couple of years, we visited her. Much to my surprise and amusement, soon she had us waltzing down the aisles of the Red Rocks Resort, a very nice casino, where she pointed out all her favorite machines and showed us in mind-boggling detail how to play. The attendant didn't want to give me a card for just a quarter, though, so I think we lost about ten bucks with Jane that day.

I digress. So, when I pictured myself cooped up in the hotel room for two days, I decided to bring fabric and Wonder-Under, a fusible webbing that makes fabric stick to other fabric, to prepare for my upcoming landscape workshop at Asilomar with Sue Benner. The workshop involves lots of fusing, and Annette and Barbara, two of my Brownie Troop friends who've taken Sue, warned me that it really helps to pre-fuse.

I also brought sketching materials, a good book, and my netbook computer.

Non-Smoking at the Golden Nugget

What I didn't prepare for was that our suite reeked of smoke, even though it was a "non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor," according to the front desk person who answered my anguished phone call.

Normally, I would have arranged for another room. But, since we drive everywhere now, we'd brought our Love Blankies, our pillows, a duffle bag of all that fabric, my computer stuff, wine ... plus the usual luggage. I'd already tipped the bellman accordingly. No way.

Plus, just finding the hotel after dropping Andy off at the press event had been frazzling enough. If you ever find yourself booking a room in the older part of Las Vegas known as Downtown, know that Fremont Street is closed off to encompass The Fremont Street Experience, a sort of giant outdoor mall with hourly, night-time sound-and-light shows and a large assortment of people wandering around clutching beers and cocktails.
Well, the map said the hotel was on Fremont, so there I was, going around in circles until, at one point, I ended up in a dark, dead-end alley. Shudder.

To be continued ... gotta go teach me some yoga!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,

Love the video! Thanks for posting it. I've heard of the Fremont Experience but never went there.


Chris said...

The Fremont St Experience is pretty fun. They change the theme every few moths. I have not gone down since last July when my aunt was here. Great video.