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12 January 2011

More Vegas

Bright lights in Downtown Las Vegas
At that point (we're still in the dark alley, right?), I turned the car around, turned on the emergency flashers and dashed out near the alley entrance to a neighboring jewelery store, where the owner broke away from a conversation with a beautiful woman in a black, full length mink (?!) to give me directions to the Nugget's entrance. North Las Vegas Blvd., right on Carson: imprinted on my brain forever more.

Besides fusing fabric, my purpose there was to support Andy as his taxi service. When he called me to come and pick him up, however, he could hear the frazzle in my voice and offered to grab a cab to our hotel. Did I mention I'm married to a very sweet man? Hopefully the taxi driver had no trouble finding the entryway to the Golden Nugget.

Chowhound Rules!

The next day didn't hold any press events of interest for Andy, so we decided to have a really nice lunch, after sipping Champagne in bed for breakfast. Oh, did I mention it was our 20th wedding anniversary? We had dinner reservations at Bouchon, a very fancy place, but I urged Andy to cancel, arguing that his CES schedule included some rather important events that evening -- and that we could always celebrate another time. Besides, I could think of plenty of better ways to spend upwards of $400, after wine and all. Like fabric stores (yes, I'm evil!)

Instead, I went onto Chowhound, a website where you can look up a region or city and find dining establishments recommended by foodie residents and fellow travelers. I found lists and lists of must-lunch places, all of them off the Strip and very reasonable. We settled on Mint Indian Bistro, with a top-notch, $9.99, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet featuring Himalyan, North, and South Indian specialities. Yum!

After dropping off Andy at the LV Convention Center I headed back to the Golden Nugget, to fuse. I enjoy high-tech, so felt lucky to tune into a 60 Minutes segment on dot-com luminaries like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates and Paul Allen, (Microsoft), and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, of Google fame. Is it a coincedence that it all coincided with CES?

I'd picked up some fab Kibbneh, spinach pastries and baklava from Amena Bakery and Deli, a Nazarine/Israeli bakery recommended on Chowhound, so I enjoyed a light and delicious nosh while fusing -- even managing to save some for Andy. But the real excitement came on the next day.

Never got a chance to peruse the button collection ... sigh.

Heddy, so nice, and so helpful, and with such a big stash!
Heddy's Fabrics

While in San Diego, researching our trip, I'd come across a website for Heddy's Fabrics, where the floorshows' and headliners' costumers shop. The website didn't make it clear if they sold more than glitzy Spandex, but I saw some readers' feedback that mentioned all their other fabrics. I made it my first stop that Thursday. Well, what a find! I spent a happy three hours there, researching the yardage and fabric types of some recent patterns I'd purchased, and buying some great, really useful everyday goods. I found bamboo knits, soft as down; and some crisp bamboo shirting, perfect for a neat shirt. Some nice bottom-weight knits completed my haul. Three tops, two pants, a skirt -- sewing marathon, here I come!

Meanwhile, here's what awaited me at home:
Chevy, holding down the fort back at home on a ready-to-quilt Night Star.
All in all, our trip to Las Vegas ended up being lots of fun, despite some minor frustrations getting settled down. Everyone at the hotel was super nice, and I enjoyed the more low-key ambiance of the older district. We loved the vintage neon signs dotting the Fremont Street Experience, too. Heddy's was ultimate; so was our meal at the Nugget's Italian joint -- which became our real anniversary dinner.

Part of the Las Vegas Neon Musuem

Just a bar, but great neon!

Buck'em, Trigger!

That's what the AmEX logo used to look like.

A motel, complete with refrigeration!
Once I got home, I realized I'd brought my favorite things, all which needed airing out from the smokey atmosphere of our room. My DKNY "little black dress" I wear to everything; our CostCo down pillows; my beautiful Bolivian alpaca sweater; my Austin Powers-channeled Escada suit; my North Face down boots; my Carol Gardyne hand-painted silk ruana; all that fabric ... our love blankies ... well, it was a busy week getting everything washed or aired out!
Beloved, but too warm for San Diego sweater from Andean Software, in Taos, New Mexico

Sunshine, the great healer.

Shag, baby!


kwiltnkats said...

Enjoyed your post. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy 20th Anniversary. Sandi

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! I love seeing all the pictures of Las Vegas. I have always wanted to go. I live in PA so it is a long trip. But some day I will make it there. Nice meeting you on CED!

Rebag said...

Good Morning Tina!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

I enjoyed your posts on Vegas.....My dad was stationed there many many yrs a go so lived on North side for a few yrs and know my way around there... Vegas has changed a LOT in 25 years!

hubby and I went 2 years a go and I fell in love with the Fremont experience!! The jazz, the art and the music is right up my alley..we walked the s trip and just enjoyed taking in what we could in a few days!

Thanks so much again for the visit and I look forward to reading more in your blogging!

Have a great day!