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21 December 2010

Love Blankie Number Nine ... or Twelve...

Here is the twelfth flannel Rag Quilt I've made -- with tons of help from Mom and Alice, Andy's mom. Mostly I make them out of a need to give a fuzzy, warm fabric hug to family and friends: despite the fact that each time I finish one, I say, "Never again!"
This weekend's Love Blankie, the most "neutral" colors I've worked with. Thanks, Mom and Alice!
It's all Betty C.'s fault.

Okay, that sounds a bit harsh. I should say, when Betty introduced the flannel Rag Quilt to our Brownie Troop small group, I fell in love and immediately wanted to make one for Andy's Valentine's Day present. In reds, pinks, plums and blues, I pieced dots, checks, wild prints and just everything. To this day, Andy's Love Blankie remains my favorite. Even the blocks on the reverse side are different, another "Never again."
Andy's Love Blankie, my first and I think, my most joyful.
Dr. Susan's Love Blankie, in a rare palette for me, blues.
A birthday blankie for Ellen Anne Eddy, from Sue V. and me.
A "just because" gift for my astanga yoga teacher, Sean. He took forever picking out the fabrics. When he was killed in a freak car accident at age 32, I asked for the quilt back, as a remembrance. His mom said she gave it to the Goodwill. Sigh.
A quilt for Mommy; she says it's the prettiest of all the Blankies. (unsnipped).
Cousins Gabe and Joe, up in Taos, N.M., where the warm and cozy quilts will be welcome.
Why "Never Again,"? Well, the piecing is easy; but it's all the snipping along the seam allowences, that you keep to the right side of the quilt. After snipping (where you engage friends, family, random acquaintances ...) you wash and dry as many times as you have patience for. A great result ... if you can recruit for the snipping process.

Four quilts are still missing, photo-wise: Alice's, Tim's, Chris' and Wendy's. But I'm sure you get the idea. If you want a tutorial on how to make these crowd-pleasers, please email or, better yet, comment.
Happy Happy!


dthaase said...

beautiful work

kwiltnkats said...

You must have an huge stash of flannels as most of these look to be different fabrics mostly. I'm not sure the name of the gismo, but I believe there is something for that snipping part that makes the job faster. I was led to believe the worst part was cleaning your washer and dryer after the first wash.

BarbaraB said...

These are beautiful and really works of love. I haven't liked this style of quilt until seeing yours...I like your color and pattern combinations. As far as "last minute", though, I think I'd need more time than we've got. Maybe a future project.

tina said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Sandi, I just buy what's out there when it's time to make the quilt. You know how quickly Rosie's fabrics cycle in and out. I also use "homespun" types of fabrics; they have a nap like flannel.
And actually, I would never wash one of these at home; I take a good book to the local laundromat (our moms went this time while I made holiday cards) and wash and dry there. Too much lint!
Hugs, Tina

ANudge said...

That's right - all that snipping. I really admire you've made so many. I've made 2 and that's enough for me. The third one I sewed the blocks together as normal and just snipped the outer edges. Love the colors

Sue V said...

Hi Tina,
I think I've made as many as you! My favorite though are the green quilts. I too said never again after the first quilt...15 quilts later...sorry Sean's quilt went to another home.