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02 June 2010

A Gillian Moss Quilt Added to Our Collection

I'd just met Gillian Moss for the first time an hour before, and now I was asking her to sell me her quilt. She showed it at our critique group that meets in the Quilt Visions art quilt gallery. (She's the group leader, but had missed the meeting that I first attended.) It was love at first sight. Simply put, the quilt made me happy. It was edgy, yet so cheerful; such a loose, free-spirited thing.

Gillian politely demurred about selling it, and rightly so! After all, the quilt wasn't even finished, and she wanted to display it in a show later on down the road. Of course I agreed, feeling that I'd been rather bold, and a bit embarrased about that, too. It's just not like me to be so brash. (Of course, all my dear friends and family members reading this will probably snort out loud: "Yeah, right.") Either way, I emailed her telling her so, but much to my happiness, she emailed back that she was willing to sell me her quilt!

For years, a blue teapot painting occupied this space: a wonderful work indeed, by our own San Diego artist Dorothy Annette. Yet it had been up for as long as we've lived here, over ten years, and we've always talked about wanting to rotate our art collection.

This seemed like a nice transition into summer.

Quilt collectors, Gillian Moss is someone to look out for. For the Rathbone family, her quilt makes a cheerful and happy enhancement to the room where we spend the most time: our kitchen.

Bottom, closeup (Click the photo to see it enlarged): Her quilt is absolutely square; my photo isn't! :)

"Full Blown Chrysanthemums," 18 3/4" by 19" Gillian Moss, 02/2010.


Deborah said...

It's beautiful and you have the perfect place for it!

Jane LaFazio said...

oh yea! I saw that quilt in progress in her studio and loved it. great to see it finished, sold and hung in your kitchen!
(Hi Tina, I 'know' you from SDWS)