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25 May 2010

My First Quilt

After much agonizing about my first entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival, 2010, I decided to show my first quilt.

A new member of Canyon Quilters, my local guild, I was frozen with fear about creating a quilt after seeing the other members' fabulous creativity. Happily, a Quilt Challenge un-froze me. We were asked to do a Road to Oklahoma block and then embellish it in any way we liked.


Having recently endured a gall-bladder surgery, I chose to base my quilt around this experience. The words "You Are What You Eat" were the very first stamping I'd done; the embroidery surrounding the Shisha mirrors to reflect the viewer was the very first embroidery I'd attempted. The beads hanging off the mirrors, my first attempt at beading. And the piecing and machine quilting, you guessed it -- my first. Those large beads hanging from the middle mirror are four of seven gallstones they removed. Ow.

The fairies in the fairy fabric must have inserted the stones inside me; the doctors said they didn't know what caused them. The stoney, red fabric goes without saying; the hand-painted, Shibori-like fabric a favorite I created in Mickey Lawler's class. The rest: Food and cooking charms of silver and other metals; shisha mirrors; thread; alphabet stamps, beads, monofilament thread, ink, batting, backing, and perle cotton. Oh, and gallstones. :)


Caron said...

What a great quilt!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

linda said...

I see lots of Art Quilting in your future! I've been a member of a guild for 22 years, and I thought the same thing when I first started. You'll feel at home soon, and when you find the time, you'll have all those masterpieces too!

Carol said...

So that's what a gall stone looks like :)

Lots of firsts in your first. A great learning experience that looks very effective.

tina said...

Thank you for your kind words, Carol. Yes, the gallstones are quite big!

Linda, I wasn't very clear in my post, but that gallstone quilt was made back in 1997 or so, more than ten years ago! And yes, I've enjoyed art quilts ever since. Thanks for your lovely comment!

Caron, thanks for your comment, too. It was a fun quilt to make; I guess my hubby was smart to insist that I take the gallstones home from the hospital. :)

Bookhandler said...

What a great way to use those stones!

Deborah said...

Great quilt! Very creative!

quilthexle said...

I swear, this is the first time that the idea of gallstones makes me not shiver but has an aspect of interest ;-)) Your quilt is really cool!

Textures Fiber Art Group said...

A very interesting use of your special stones! Great job.